Grooming Session With TDC Selatan


Yesterday we had fruitful session with TDC Selatan. Selain we learn how to DREAM we also share our resolution for the Year of 2015. DDM Norain share her experience on how she manage to achieve up to her level now. Thanks mummy... This monthly event was held at Akademi Binaan Malaysian located at Tampoi, Johor Bahru.

DDM Norain in Action

Khusyukkan semua belajar

Dah habis share business tips now is my turn to share basic make up especially untuk appointment to our new member. Taklah pandai sangat tapi bolehlah... hehehe..

Terasa macam expertlah pulak..hehe..

Selesai belajar make up...kita belajar tutorial free macam mana nak belit shawl. Banyak cara rupanya...Siapa lagi mestilah sifu kita yang ajarkan..

How do I look?

Wearing Halfmoon Shawl for begginers
The other look of me

Our volunteer model before grooming

New look after simple makeover

TDC Selatan's member

We are the Diamond!

Anyway credit to our next DDM Syikin Salleh for all the photos. Camerawoman of the day.. Okey wait for my next entry ya... Thanks for reading..

Faeza Zainudin


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