I'm officially a Diamond Sales Manager


Alhamdulillah last month was an awesome month for me. Even dalam pantang but I managed to settle 180,000 sales project. Now I am officially a Diamond Sales Manager (DSM) third highest rank in the business. 

Honestly this will never happened without  guidance from my leaders, a hardwork with my team and support from my family. Insyaallah by June next year I'll be on stage on Diamond Night to receive my award. I can't wait. 

Last but not least in GLAM we had a celebration for those yang naik pangkat setiap bulan. How they appreciate our effort. Jarang sekali certain company will do this. Syukur I am in the right team. Below are photo taken on the celebration day or we called it GLAMawards. Enjoy!

Wanna be my next protege? Book a date with me 0197707575 or faezazainudin@yahoo.com . Till then bye!

Faeza Zainudin


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