JTX Airtracker


Today just wanna share new product in automobile industries. This is another NEW Product just launched early this year.

Now, let me briefly explained on the function and what is JTX Air Tracker.

JTX Airtracker transforms the air molecules into extremely smaller molecular structures. Therefore, the refined fuel can be burned more completely and optimally.

It allows the engine to give its best performance with smoother piston movements which results in fuel savings for an equal performance.

Besides, it also helps prolong the lifespan of the engine parts.

JTX Airtracker is not only invented for fuel savings, it also helps contribute to a greener environment. 

Fully burned fuel emits less carbon monoxide which eventually reduces carbon emission.

Okay, now let me summarized what are the benefits of JTX Airtracker?

Improve engine performance
Reduce carbon monoxide emission
Save Fuel consumption
Reduce sludge inside engine
Improve fuel burning
Engine runs smoothly, less noise
Reduce raising temperature of engine
Prolonged lifespan of engine and the parts

The engine was running about 4hours when he touched the exhaust.

The Usage?

Car <1,599CC - 3 pieces sticker

Car 1,600 to 2,999CC - 6 pieces sticker

Car more than 3,000CC - 9 pieces sticker

The effect of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Emission after the usage of JTX Airtracker:

Carbon Dioxide
After 30 minutes : 21% reduction of emission 
After 150 minutes : 56% reducsion of emission

Carbon Monoxide
After 30 minutes : 60% reduction of emission 
After 150 minutes : 87% reducsion of emission

The Retail Price?
1 set (3 pieces) : RM296

2 sets (6 pieces) : RM550

To order?

Contact me 019-770 7575 or 013-742 7425 or email me at faezazainudin@yahoo.com


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