Little Caliphs Grand Ihtifal


I'm back but this time with a different story k...No business neither product LOL! Just wanna share the happiest moment especially for my first and second daughters at their Graduation & Concert Day or in Little Caliphs they called it Grand Ihtifal at MAWAR Johor Bahru.

My first daughter Faiqa was 6 years old and her sister Fathiah was 4 years old. A little bit about this Kindergarten... It's an English Intergrated Muslim School means they teach everything using english language but why is this kindergarten different from others? This you have to wait for my next post... Sory but i guess it would a long post if i will combine it together...

Forget about the school now lets enjoy with the photo taken on the day... Starts your tour now..

                                              The Stage

                                      Faiqa Ahmad Fitri

                                     Fathiah Ahmad Fitri

                        Waiting for their turn to perform
               Hannan, Faiqa and Wardah her BFF at school

                                   Unique performance

                             It's show time

                             IT generation kids

                                        Faqif excited with his Ben 10 watch

                                                Faqif asleep

                                             And now his awake 

                                    Fathiah on stage with her 4 years old friends

           Fathiah with her new book

                     The BFF waiting to go on stage and graduate

                             Faiqa officially graduate ....LoL

               Little caliphs Graduats

                With Teacher Ina

           With Teacher Nora

              With Teacher Siti

               Daddy's girl

                             So call a Family Potret.

For all information this is the first time i attended a Kindergarten Concert that made my tears down watching most of their performance... Alhamdulillah thanks to the founder of Little Caliphs with the idea of learning and knowing Islam is wonderful and fun. Thanks to all the teachers too. Faiqa will be in her new environment next year but for Fathiah good luck for another wonderful year in Little Caliphs.

Faeza Zainudin


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