KLIA to Incheon International Airport


Alhamdulillah diberi peluang menjejakkan kaki dibumi asing. Seoul, Korea was my very first trip since i started this business. It was so enjoyable moment even in the airplane apa tak nya 160 of GLAMpreneur in it half of the flight full with US! 

So this only pictures at the both airport Malaysia abd Korea. Enjoy!

                                               Me, DDM Ain  and DSM Olyn

                                  Beratur nak  check in pun sempat bergambar

                                               Check in done hooorayyy!

                     It's Korean Airways

                                 Me and my roommate...Motif??? Heheh

                                   Feeling excited walaupun tak faham.

                                                Hi Korea we are here...

                                    GLAMpreneur at Incheon International  Airport

Stay tuned more photos and activity in Korea....

Faeza Zainudin


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