Day 1 Seoul Korea Trip


Today nak share activities on first day once we reached Seoul, Korea.

This is our bus Team C2 and our Korean Tour Guide a lady by the name Elis.

From Incheon International Airport our first destination mestilah makan dulu kata orang Malaysia kan! On the way to this Halal Restaurant, the scenary was amazing whereby we can rarely see continental car 90% are their local brand car Hyundai and Kia.

Alhamdulillah perut pun dah kenyang apalagi mari kita SHOPPING! 

Next stop is Dongdaemun Market. This is a place where we bought the souvenirs. Nak jadi cerita we arrived just a day before Korea's Public Holiday. They celebrate Korean Thanks Giving Day. That's why all macam nak giler shopping for souvenirs... Hehehe..

Selesai di Dongdaemun Market we were sent to Kukdo Best Western Premier Hotel located at the old town of Seoul, Korea. My roommate DSM Olyn also agree it was a comfortable 5 star accomodation. Thanks to Hai O. 

It was a rushed because once check in terus bersiap for our Gala Dinner located at the other Best Western Premier Hotel in town. It was a tremendous night the Ballroom was huge, variety of delicious food and most important was the awesome performance by local K-Pop artist. 

As usual we wrap up the day with a photo of 160 GLAMpreneur qualifier to Korea.

Imagine tak seramai ni only a GLAMpreneur. Amazing kan! Ok then, we will continue with day 2 soon... So stay tune!

Faeza Zainudin


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