Side Income or Pendapatan Sampingan?


In today lifestyle most of our daily expenses have increased which the same time increased our monthly comitment. Contohnya setiap kali harga minyak dinaikkan meningkat jua harga barangan lain. Persekolahan anak-anak zaman ini juga memerlukan penggunaan kewangan yang amat berbeza dengan sewaktu kita msih kecil. Belum lagi kita mengambil kira tentang peningkatan harga ubat-ubatan dan lain-lain

So now nak share kenapa most of us perlu buat Side Income or Pendapatan Sampingan dan kenapa ia membantu.

Increase of comitment
After get married and having kids honestly will increase our comitment. Why? Because our salary paid is still the same. Kenaikannya tidak balance. Jangan lupa hutang or debts also effect the increasing of our comitment.

Medical Expenses
Selain itu tanggungan keatas anak atau ibubapa yang sakit juga antara penyebabnya. Expenses termasuklah ubat-ubatan, rawatan dan kelengkapan alat bantuan. Itu belum lagi mengambil kira pembayaran premium insurans keatas semua tanggungan.

Means if before this just 2 of you husband and wife in a 2 bedrooms house but now with 3 or 4 kids in the house, you might wanna move to a bigger house or even having a bigger car. You can't just rent a house whole of your life right? So this is why you need to purchase your own house and a bigger car.

Quality Time
I believe some of you have no problem with your financial due to your position and salary that you earn now is enough to cover all the 3 details above. But do you think you have all the time to be with your loves one? Yes i mean a quality time. Had your your daily meal together, watch television together, play and look through your kids homework, sleep together and the most people cant effort is to spend their time for a long vacation with the family due to their working comitment.

Weddings? For those who are not married yet you have to think about this? Tidak kira besar atau kecil majlisnya ia tetap melibatkan wang. Termasuklah kursus kahwin, mas kahwin, wang hantaran, perbelanjaan barang hantaran,yuran tok kadi, majlis kenduri dan sebagainya.

Having a job is amazing but do you really enjoy doing what you are suppose to do? Is your working environment positive? Whats the benefits and do your employer treat you well? No stress at all? Believe me not all employer willing to give you all this. The fact that the higher you're paid the higher stress you will get and thats is TRUE.

In life all of us have our favourite things to do but due to all the comitment above we have to say goodbye. For ladies shopping, spa, facial, pedicure and medicure all this need money. And for man their Big Boys Toys are expensive such us gadgets, golf, cars, fishing and many more.

This is the most powerful things in life. You always wanted to have your own Dreams car, Dreams house, Dreams vacation, Dreams wedding, Dreams to performe Hajj in Mekah and the best Dreams to live happily and debts free.

So now more or less dah tahu kenapa Side Income or Pendapatan Sampingan ni sangat penting dan amat membantu.Selain itu do you know that now online business helps millions of people in the world to earn their 6 figure income without sacrifice their quality time with the loves one? How? And do you know that in GLAM we do it the same way? Be my next protege by contact me now!

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