My Syawal Favourite Dishes


Time goes by... Now its already end of Syawal. This time entry i would like to share my favourite dishes and cookies for every Syawal. I know I'm a bit old style but you have to believe what you like right?

The first two main dishes i would always have on Syawal would be Lemang and Beef Rendang (especially from my grandma's kitchen and now have pass over to my mom).

For cookies and cakes i also love the traditional type. The most favourite for me is Batang Buruk and Dodol(especially from Melaka). Others will be Traditional Pineapple Tart (Tat Nenas), Traditional Fruit Cakes (Kek Kukus), Rempeyek Ikan Bilis with no additional nuts. Oh yummy.. I can still taste it now...hehehe..

This are all my favourite item for Syawal... So if anyone of you are specialize in any of this can contact me. I would love to try yours too.

To close this year Syawal... I would like you say I'm sorry if any of my writtings have hurt anyone of you out there. I'll try my best to improve it. Selamat Hari Raya and See ya!

Faeza Zainudin
H/p : 0197707575


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