My Story With Premium Beautiful Corset


Today nak share how Premium Beautiful Corset change my life... Its help me a lot..How?

On 2011 an angel was born... My only son after a 2 beautiful princess before him.. For the info all 3 of them were born by C-section..tak de rezeki nak dapat bersalin normal tapi Alhamdulillah they are healthy..

What I'm trying to tell you now that on that time jahitan di perutku TERPUTUS meaning half of my tummy i cant have the massage epecially on the tummy area... After end of confinement my tummy looks as if im still pregnant. Can you imagine how its feel on that point of time? TERRIBLE!!! Even I'm still breastfeed the baby but nothing change..

Till oneday a facebook friend Syikin Salleh which now is my leader introduce me to Premium Beautiful Corset. I was so excited you wanna know why? Just after 2 days of wearing Premium Beautiful Corset its help to enhance the milk and for me my boy was 18 month at that point of time. I started to bring the breastfeeding pump again to office coz i cant help its full on day time.

After 3 months wearing Premium Beautiful Corset I lost 15kg and my tummy looks better then before. I can wear back my previous clothes before pregnancy. The most enjoyable part was i recovered from a suffer of backpain due to the injection i have for 3 c-section. No more pain killer nor injection to reduce pain.

Without medical treatment I'm glad all my pain has gone and I actually manage to help others also reducing their pain and problem which i will share it soon.

Besides that syukur alhamdulillah with this Premium Beautiful Corset also give me an oppurtunity to be GLAMpreneur or work from home... Just with Premium Beautiful Corset and Allah will Insyaallah its will help you and your family...

Faeza Zainudin
H/p : 0197707575


  1. Scary jugak experience bersalin kak faeza ni. But very inspiring story about breastfeeding :)Good job!

    1. Yes Lina alhamdulillah... Tapi tu lar sacrifice as a mother and a wife....

  2. Are you selling this feeza? ��


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