GLOW March 2013


Just wanna share last activities i attended in Kuala Lumpur.. It was GLOW... If you all follow my blog this GLOW was organize in monthly basis.

Why GLOW is important to me... It's actually give me an oppurtunity to learn new things or even refresh previous sharing...YES! I said REFRESH not just knowledge but also my mission and ambition in this business.

Thanks to CDM Sha Khalid and her hubby CDM Zaer Ali to organize such useful and interesting workshop. Credit to both of you.

The workshop was host by
DDM Refqah.. Such an energetic woman..i can feel her energy not just hosting but also in managing her business.this time around a little bit different whereby she called the audiance to give life testimony for this business.

Next my mentor bakal
CDM ShalizaAziz... The one who never give up in giving me an inspiration and motivation. In the workshop the shared few frequent ask question about Premium Beautiful Corset and Business. She actually give some guidance to answer those question. Good Job Ieja !

The man in the house
CDM Zaer Ali. An IT Engineering backgrown from IBM. Bukan calang-calang orang tau. He shared a usefull topic which is how to make traffic to our blog. Not just that other usefull link also shared in his session. Especially to those yang buta IT kan i find it usefull.

Here come the most ambitious lady
CDM Sha Khalid..she just petite but only her physical size but such big heart. She announce our group as GLAM US. All the upcoming project, seminar and event but the best will be Family Day at Disneyland Hong Kong... So cant't wait. Amanat and motivation session from her... By this upcoming weekend all this leaders will fly to London and Paris. Wah seronokkan!

Wrap up this time with....

Faeza Zainudin
H/p : 019 7707575


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